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              Professional international logistics solution supplier

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                  As a professional brand devoted to the supply chain service of E-commerce logistics,Equick provides professional,safe and high-effective logistics service for the E-commerce sellers through introducing the overseas postal services and organizing the professional service team to ensure your parcels to be smoothly delivered to the customer.

                  At the same time, the low-cost service products can assist you to develop more businesses and strengthen the competitive advantage.
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              Address: 1st Floor. Block B, No.2 Guangbai East Road Chaoyang District,Beijing,100124,China
              Tel: (86 10)61654416
              Fax: (86 10)61654416 ext 801

              Contact Window: cs@equick.cn
              Address: 608,Block B,Jiuxing Hongqiao Business Center,No.9,Shenbin Road,
              Minhang District,Shanghai,201107,China
              Tel: (86 21)34305258
              Address: 1st Floor, Build 2, LiuXian ChuangYeYuan,No.87 LiuXianCun,
              NanShan District,Shenzhen,China
              Tel: (86 755)86956206
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